House Leveling Gresham, Oregon

Quality and affordable concrete lifting for sinking and settling homes

House leveling is a term we foundation repair contractors use often to describe the process of raising a home or other structure back to its original position (or as much as construction will allow). Lifting a basement, crawl space or concrete slab is typically accomplished through a range of repairs depending on many factors.

A house that is settling into the soil at one end or more than one spot more than likely has a structural issue. Lifting or leveling the residence usually corrects the problem. However, the source of the issue that has caused sinking also has to be addressed to prevent similar damage from happening in future years.

There are many sources that can contribute to a sinking foundation or uneven and sagging floors. They include: plumbing leaks, expanding and contracting soil, foundation erosion, structural damage, intruding tree roots, volatile weather conditions, and poor drainage. To ensure a long-lasting solution, it is vital that these issues also be corrected.

The costs of house leveling vary quite a bit depending on the foundation’s condition, source of damage, your goals as a homeowner, and method of repair that will be used.

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Why do foundations, crawl spaces, and slabs move?

Why exactly do foundations, crawl spaces and slabs settle and heave? Water and soil are usually the top culprits. In combination, the two have the potential to create a force that can cause walls to crack and bow, foundation movement, and sinking.

Movement of foundations can happen in slabs, pier and beam foundations and in house with full basements. A residential foundation that experiences significant settling or heaving will more than likely shift and crack over time. House leveling may be the appropriate solution.

All problems that result in foundation shifts must be considered. Clay soils that expand contribute to foundation problems. As soil absorbs water it exerts large amounts of pressure on foundation walls, heaving it upward. When soil dries out and shrinks, the foundation settles and sinks downward. Improper exterior drainage is a major contributor to excessive moisture in the dirt beneath the foundation.

In concrete slab foundations, water from plumbing leaks below or too much flowerbed watering can seep underneath and oversaturate the soil. Likewise, soil can become overly saturated with moisture that drains back toward the house from poorly graded walks, driveways, decks, and patios.

Large trees possess roots that may extend below a foundation. Tree roots can absorb as up to 100 gallons of water daily from soil. The soil shrinks as it loses moisture. Shrinkage can contribute to foundation movement, especially differential movement. This type of movement occurs when one foundation area has moved while others have not. Stair step cracks often come about when basement walls are affected by differential movement. In this case, house leveling and lifting can reset the foundation’s position and halt future cracks.

Solutions for sagging floors, poor drainage, and foundation movement

House leveling may be achieved through a few proven methods. They include excavation of the home’s exterior and installing piers or pilings, i.e. helical piers, mudjacking, steel piers, concrete pilings, or chemicals that fill gaps underneath the foundation. Existing piers may also be strengthened and fortified using braces or rods to remedy sagging floors and stabilize the soil below.

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